Nov 21, 2008

Ok, so I know I said tomorrow in the last post, but really i meant ten days later, here are some more shop pics, enjoy !

Derek working hard

Nicole on a break

Danger Zone
Almost done
Close up

Some crowd shots from early in the show, before our photog got to drunk to use the camera.
Thanks to everyone who came out, we had a blast and sold a ton of shirts.
and here is the front of the shop in all its not yet remodeled glory, more to come !!!

Nov 11, 2008

Interweb land, welcome into our abode, the next few posts will be us working on our mural for our show this past weekend.
Here is day one.

The biggest booty shorts I have ever painted.

End of day one.
Good Night !!!

Nov 9, 2008


We always love it when enclothe gets some attention. Here's who's talking about us right now.

The Awesomer

Really cool blog run by some great guys. Thanks Awesomer!


For all things geeky and awesome there's Geekologie. Another great site!

We've even made it to the halls of IGN. That's pretty awesome

Nov 2, 2008

November line has dropped!

We're super excited about this falls line up. We have sexy sniper girls, weaponized sci-fi arm tangles and an 8-bit inspired camo pattern hoodie that has to be seen to be believed.

We'll be featuring some fun stuff in the next month about these designs and how they came about, also photos of them being printed. So keep checking back!

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