Feb 16, 2007

Blogging about Fantastic Blognanza Blogging me

Perhaps reaching a new level of meta blogging, I'm going to cover other blogs that cover me.

There are some really really great blogs out there that cover designer T's, and the guys at Fantastic Blognanza are no exception. Go check them out as they update frequently and always have something interesting to say.

Feb 3, 2007

Where Do The Losing Team's T-shirts Go?

Since the Super Bowl will be happening (or happened) most likely by the time you read this I thought this article would be very timely.

If you've ever wondered what happens to the losing teams merchandise this should peak your interest.

"The other set of championship gear — the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that did not win — will be hidden behind a locked door at Dolphin Stadium. By order of the National Football League, those items are never to appear on television or on eBay. They are never even to be seen on American soil."

You can read the rest right here....