May 27, 2008

Capsule aftermath

We just got back from Capsule SF. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by and picked up something. It was great to get out and meet some people face to face and see reactions to some of our designs.

We managed to snap off some pictures of our little setup, and a few of the general atmosphere at the fair.

Capsule takes place in Hayes Valley, in a little park that has some alleys running off of it. It makes for a neat spot where all kinds of talented designers get together to sell stuff.

In the middle of the park was a huge sculpture of a man with his face exploding. Also, he appeared to be made of metal leaves. It was a pretty awesome presence!

We were just down on the left a little further, they were packing them in. It was also the only nice day the whole weekend. So we completely lucked out.

Also, we didn't get many pictures of ourselves or our booth before the wind blew down our display. The wind was a constant irritant to everyone selling there, and at one point one of the large canopies just blew over.

It was a blast though, and we'll be back there again this October, so we hope to see you there.

International Shipping is fixed

We updated the site the other day and now International shipping should be working properly again.

If anything, I believe there are more options now than before. We love sending packages to our international friends so it's good this got fixed.

May 23, 2008

International Shipping Problems.

Since updated their shipping API on the 12th, I've had customers outside the US tell me they're only seeing the shipping option for 'International Priority'. This is a problem we are trying to fix and it should be resolved fairly soon.

If you live outside the US and can't wait to order, we will refund you the difference between first class and priority international. I've been doing this with customers that ordered already and will continue until the problem is resolved.

All domestic shipping should be working just fine, in fact it should be working better than before.
Back at long last!

Okay, I know it's been almost a year since we posted anything to this blog. But that's all about to change. We're going to be doing frequent updates from now on. The 'news' section of will point here, and this will be the go to spot for all your Enclothe news.

Here's a few things we have planned for future blog posts:

1. All new products and upcoming products.
2. Artwork creation process.
3. Fairs and events.
4. Doodles and random miscellany
5. tutorials and behind the scenes looks.

Thats it just off the top of my head.
We'll also be tweaking the look of the blog over the next few weeks as well.