Mar 5, 2007

New Eternal Embrace T

Well Enclothe printer extraordinaire Sodriveme has sent some snaps of the new Eternal Embrace shirts, and I have to say, they came out even better than I had expected.

We're trying something new this time around and using Alternative Apparel Stock. I've been eyeballing Alternative Apparel for awhile and have heard nothing but good things about their products.
They also offer some interesting variations on the standard T, for Eternal Embrace we're using their 'Destroyed' T which is just about the softest T I've ever used. It also has some nice distressing on the neck, sleeves and bottom to fit in with the ancient theme of Eternal Embrace.

I'll be covering this more in detail next week. Sodriveme took some great pictures of the whole process that I'll be posting.

In the meantime you can order the shirt from the Enclothe store right here.