Jan 11, 2007

Making A Shirt.
I thought an interesting new feature to cover in this blog might be my working process. Since Destroyer is one of Enclothe's most popular shirts, I'll detail the creation of this T in a multi-part series.
If it gets a good response, maybe I'll do more about some of the upcoming shirts I have in development.

Part 1. Inspiration

The initial idea came from the concept of the flying whale. I'm a huge fan of the comic book series The Maxx by Sam Keith, which features flying whales in Pangaea. Powerful and beautiful at the same time.
I thought a shirt of the whale flying over an outback type scene would be really cool. But after some exploration and sketches (coming in part II) I wasn't really finding the power in the image that I wanted. So I sat on the idea for awhile.
In the meantime I can do some Google searches for Whale references...

Good Stuff. Reference is really important to me, and I seek it out for just about everything I draw. That last whale definitely looks like he's flying. But now I need something for him to fly through.
Since the outback environment didn't work for me, I began to look around for something else.
When you commute by bus everyday and your view looks something like this;

I guess eventually you can't help but put two and two together.

Yes, my creative process is mysterious and arcane, I know. None of the above is actually true, the reality is I had a vision after drinking a bottle of Absinthe and passing out at an aquarium.

Next week: I'll buck up and present some of the embarrassing sketches and early concepts.

If you haven't already you can buy Destroyer T at the enclothe store.